Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Malee Thai: An authentic experience

Weekends can only mean one thing. Relaxing and hanging out with the husband. Well, its not that I don't relax during the weekdays, but it is just totally different when the husband is around. I was thinking about making Tom Yam soup with noodles during the weekend, but Ram insisted that we should have a proper Thai meal since he was craving for Thai cuisine. We headed out to Malee Thai, which is by far our favorite authentic Thai restaurant, situated at 37 Đông Du, District 1, Saigon.

The one thing that I love about eating at a restaurant besides the good food is the pretty interior. The amount of effort taken in decorating the place makes a lot of difference, and one would not mind paying a little bit extra just for the cozy experience. Malee Thai has done just that by bringing Thailand closer to you with their authentic and traditional settings.

first floor
a more traditional look on the second floor

We ordered our usual which was white rice with green curry chicken, Tom Yam Goong, stir fried mixed vegetables and fried omelette. We were very impressed with the service as the food came out quite fast despite the lunch hour crowd.

fragrant Thai white rice
green curry chicken

Tom Yam Goong

stir fried mixed vegetables

fried omelette

The food here is definitely worth the price. The green curry chicken is rich, creamy and yummy compared to a few other places that I've tried. As for the Tom Yam Goong, you may choose the level of spiciness. So, for those who don't prefer spicy food may opt for a non spicy version. The stir fried mixed vegetables includes a variety of vegetables in it, including cauliflower, baby corn, snow peas, carrot, cabbage, button mushroom, onion and spinach. You may also add minced pork or chicken into the fried omelette if you wish to add more flavor to it.

So if you are down in Ho Chi Minh City craving for an authentic Thai cuisine, head on over to Malee Thai for a scrumptious meal.


  1. Better than Erawan? :D

    1. Erawan is still unique and the best for me :D Need to get that place reviewed some day ;)