Friday, July 6, 2012

Alone and abroad

part of Ho Chi Minh City, taken a year ago
I'm used to the husband being away for work, meetings and offshore trips. But being away from loved ones in a foreign country can drive me nuts especially when I am alone with no friends. At one point, I used to refuse going out anywhere on my own as I was not used to the country. But after almost a year living here, I have slowly gained the courage to move around on my own.

I somehow managed to make a few friends so I usually try to hang out with them whenever they are free. I've also learnt to watch movies and have meals alone at cafes/restaurants which is kinda weird for me as I'm a person who hates to hang out alone unless it involves shopping. Speaking about shopping, the malls here are not as extravagant as the ones back in Malaysia so I can't really spend much time walking around window shopping in a mall for more than half an hour. It can be pretty boring here if you are on your own.

spent almost half a day playing with this cutie, my friend's daughter
It has been a month since we've moved into our new place at Sherwood Residence and I would say that I now enjoy staying in much more often than I had used to. It's also much easier to stay alone while Ram is away since I can now hang out with his friend's wife and kids. It's a luxury serviced apartment but the environment is more like a 5-star hotel to me -- daily housekeeping services, room service, swimming pool, gym, sauna and steam room, complimentary high tea and the list goes on. The pictures below are taken from my Instagram but I've yet to snap more proper pictures using my Canon G12.

part of our new place
the awesome pool
I'll definitely have a post on Sherwood Residence soon so you guys can experience my leisure life via pictures!


  1. One day, I'll make it there!

    1. I know you will ;) I'm saving the Hanoi trip so we can go there together :D