Friday, July 20, 2012

Spicy aglio e olio with slow roasted tomatoes

Aglio e olio means "spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and chili peppers" in Italian. Its a traditional Italian pasta dish with a minimal amount of ingredients and of course, easy to make. When I first heard about it, I assumed it would be a bland tasting dish since the only key ingredients in it was olive oil and garlic. Only after trying it that I realised I was actually wrong.

The original dish doesn't include any meat but there are a few versions out there which includes either shrimp, pepperoni, sliced ham or pancetta. My version has slow roasted tomatoes and sliced chicken sausages in it. 

Who needs sun dried tomatoes when you can slow roast them in your oven right? All you have to do is slice the baby tomatoes into half, arrange them onto the baking tray lined with either baking paper or foil paper, drizzle some olive oil, and roast them at 100°C / 212°F for 2 hours. The taste is almost similar to the store bought sun dried tomatoes and is definitely much cheaper to make them on your own.

To make this delicious pasta dish, lightly fry minced garlic, shallots and some chili flakes in a bit of olive oil until fragrant. Add in the sliced chicken sausages and continue frying for about one minute. Then add in the spaghetti and some salt to taste. Finally add in the roasted tomatoes and toss it to evenly distribute the ingredients with the pasta. If its too dry, drizzle some olive oil. Make sure to boil the spaghetti in water with enough salt for the flavor and some oil to avoid them from sticking onto each other after cooked. 

Its really a lazy person's dish as it requires very little ingredients and skills to make it. This would definitely be a perfect dinner on a lazy worknite!


  1. you make me're an awesome cook when can i try your cooking? =)

    1. Faster plan a trip to HCMC lah! :D I'll cook up a storm for you. Bring your sis along also if can :D